The Hand of Protection

I remember that when my sister was in 6th grade her class made this beautiful piece of art. It was a funny shaped hand that was cut out of wrinkled tinfoil and then backed on a piece of solid black construction paper. In the center of the “hand” it said “Chai” (life) in Hebrew letters. Looking back it was nothing special, but as a six year old I felt as though it had a special meaning that only the “big kids” could understand. Continue reading

Wise Buying Judaica Online

Judaica- What is it?

Judaica is a category that includes articles, clothing, literature and icons that are related to the Jewish religion. The Jewish religion is a religion that has been around for several millennia, is the first recorded monotheistic faith, is based on the Torah- the five books of Moses and believes in living very much in this world while trying to bring G-d-liness into every aspect of life and with eyes focused on the eternal world to come. Continue reading

The Story of Exodus

A special On the fifteenth of the Hebrew month of Nissan (which falls out in Spring), Jewish people begin celebrating an eight-day festival called Passover. For seven days they eat no leavened foods, they have a festive meal on the first night called a Seder and celebrate the redemption of their ancestors from ancient Egypt. What exactly happened there in Egypt? Let’s tell you all about it… Continue reading

How to tell Vintage Jewelry from New and Antique Jewelry

There are several different factors that can help one distinguish between a genuine vintage piece and a fake piece that was made last year in the Far East. Those who know what signs to look out for and where they can find clues and hints on the pieces will be able to shop much more wisely and with less worry that they invested in a phony. Not all pieces of advice are applicable to all pieces- for example, hints regarding pieces with hinges will be of no use for a piece without hinges- but none-the-less these pieces of advice are invaluable for jewelry buyers. Apply the information as necessary. Continue reading

The Meaning of Popular Jewish Symbols

The Jewish religion is full of symbols and religious items that hold within them deeply meaningful messages, values and ideas. Some of the symbols are centuries old whereas others have become popular only in recent decades. Each and every one of them represent part of the Jewish journey; part of the incredible history of this tiny people that have always been small in number yet have always been highly influential as far as world history is concerned. We’ll present a number of these Jewish symbols and their meanings in an attempt to give the reader a glimpse of the richness of the Jewish tradition. Continue reading

The Blessing of the New Home in Judaism

Pirkei Avot, commonly known by its English name Ethics of the Fathers, is a collection of ethical teachings and maxims of Rabbis from the Mishnaic period. Pirkei Avot appears in the tractate of Avot in the Talmud and is unique in the way that it is the only tractate in the Talmud that deals solely with ethical and moral issues and not legal ones. Continue reading

What on earth do you buy a Tweenager for his Bar Mitzvah?

What does the Bar/Bet Mitzvah celebrate?

The Bar/Bat Mitzvah milestone is a big event in Judaism. A Bar Mitzvah is the name used to refer to a boy who reaches the age of thirteen- at that age he becomes accountable for his actions and takes upon himself the yoke of all 613 commandments. It is also commonly used to describe the party celebrating this occasion. A Jewish girl becomes Bat Mitzvah when she reaches the age of twelve- yes Judaism does believe that girls mature earlier than boys. From here onwards we will just use the term Bar Mitzvah but we are referring to both boys and girls, both Bar and Bat Mitzvahs. Continue reading