What Says Thank-You for a Shabbat Invite in the Best Way?

You’ve been invited out for a meal or two or even an entire Shabbat, Friday is drawing nearer and you suddenly realize that you have nothing to bring your hosts- what to do?! We recommend stocking up on a bunch of beautiful Judaica gifts which you can then whip Shabbat Candlesticksout at your convenience. That way you’ll never have that last minute rush before Shabbat which usually ends in buying something over-priced, totally useless that screams last-minute.com. No, a bunch of withered flowers, calorific-laden desserts and boring bottles of wine don’t exactly broadcast originality. Continue reading

A Historical Look at Fashion Jewelry

Fashion Jewelry is also known as costume jewelry and is a popular form of jewelry around Fashion Jewelrythe world.  Fashion Jewelry is made to complement a particular costume or garment and came into being in the 1930s, intended to be a cheap way of dressing up clothes and to be fashionable for a short period of time, outdate itself and then be repurchased to fit a new fashion style. Fashion Jewelry is mainly used in fashion, unlike fine jewelry which is regarded as collectibles, keepsakes or investments.  For these reasons, Fashion Jewelry is generally made of less valuable materials.

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Seven Species of Israel Products

“A land of wheat and barley and grapes and figs and pomegranates, and land of olive oil and dates.”

Seven agricultural products are listed in the Bible as being special to the Land of Israel. Although these species no longer dominate the diet of people living in Israel these species still characterize the local landscape and are widely used in the Israeli diet. In biblical times the species were the staple foods consumed by the people in the land. In modern times only wheat is a staple but the fact that these species continue to dominate the landscape accentuates a sense of continuity between Biblical Israel and Modern Israel. Continue reading