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Judaica- What is it?

Judaica is a category that includes articles, clothing, literature and icons that are related to the Jewish religion. The Jewish religion is a religion that has been around for several millennia, is the first recorded monotheistic faith, is based on the Torah- the five books of Moses and believes in living very much in this world while trying to bring G-d-liness into every aspect of life and with eyes focused on the eternal world to come. Continue reading

The Story of Exodus

A special On the fifteenth of the Hebrew month of Nissan (which falls out in Spring), Jewish people begin celebrating an eight-day festival called Passover. For seven days they eat no leavened foods, they have a festive meal on the first night called a Seder and celebrate the redemption of their ancestors from ancient Egypt. What exactly happened there in Egypt? Let’s tell you all about it… Continue reading