Adina Plastelina

In the heart of Old Jaffa lies the magical gallery of Adina Plastelina that has become famous for the enchanting hand-made jewelry made using the ancient Millefiori technique.
Adina Plastelina opened its doors in 2004 and from the very beginning breathed life into the Millefiori technique, originally a glasswork technique that can be traced to ancient Roman times, reinventing it with the use of precious metals and polymer clay.
Visitors to the gallery receive explanations of the technique and watch a fascinating demonstration video, as well as watching the creation process live.
In 2006 an exciting archaeological discovery was made in the gallery when, during excavations, ruins of a round ancient structure was uncovered. Incredible artifacts were uncovered which provide a glimpse into the lives of local residents, as far back as the Bronze Age. Visitors can visit the permanent exhibition free of charge.
Adina Plastelina has received warm reviews both in Israel and on an international scale with the Israeli Ma’ariv newspaper describing the jewelry as, “extraordinary and unique,” and the Walla portal expressing wonderment at the way, “an ancient technique returns to life.” The National Geographic Magazine succinctly sums up Adina Plastelina as, “amazing creation and archaeology living in harmony,” and the Israeli Mapa publication rightly states that, “the combination of art and archaeology makes Adina Plastelina one of the surprising and original shops in Israel.”
All that remains to do is to come and check out this enchanting, rainbow-colored world of Adina Plastelina…

Adina Plastelina

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