Beautiful, Bold & Binyamina-Based; Ester Shahaf’s Creations

Ester Shahaf has a background in the theatrical arts with a degree from the University of Tel Aviv in Theater and Costume Design. Today, Ester creates and sells jewelry and Judaica from her hometown of Binyamina, Israel and enjoys resounding success both in Israel and abroad.

Ester’s pieces are unique in the way that they seamlessly combine stark opposites, resulting in tantalizing and truly special creations. Oriental aspects alongside nouveau and Mediterranean accents together with fresh, modern styles are incorporated in Shahaf’s works.

Shahaf manages to reflect the complicated tapestry that is Israeli society. In a land of immigrants who arrive from all four corners of the world, there are so many different and exciting cultures and heritages to be explored. Shahaf handpicks the beauty from the different cultures she is exposed to every day in Israel and magically transforms it in to tangible pieces of art.

In addition to the plethora of styles that Ester combines, she also blends a number of materials together in her pieces. Soft, warm wood together with cold, smooth metal sit in harmony with shiny crystals and vivid satin colors. Ester is daring and her resulting pieces are fantastic.

Ester’s creations are all hand-crafted and are displayed in museum shops and art shops both in Israel and the United States. In Ester’s Jewelry collections, one can find earrings, beaded necklaces, necklaces, pins and gold-filled items. Her earrings have a definite oriental feel to them, beaded and dangly and will add much color to any outfit. Her beaded necklaces vary from bolder, multi-strung necklaces to more delicate pieces. Her non-beaded necklaces are exquisite, with eye-catching pendants with a definite Mediterranean feel. Her pins are elegant and a welcome addition to any top.

Ester also creates Judaica pieces of art;

  • Her Candle Holders are sturdy and decorated in Middle-Eastern style; a fine present for a Jewish young woman.
  • Hamsa Wall Hangings that incorporate this mystical symbol that is known to protect and prevent the evil eye.
  • Hanuka Menorahs in a variety of designs that will make your Hanuka that bit more colorful and special.
  • Exquisite Kiddush Cups with a hand-decorated foot to add a special touch.
  • Mezuzahs in a variety of colors and designs to be hung on your door to protect you.
  • Hallah Trays made of glass, with the Hebrew blessing imprinted in the middle and a touch of Oriental design running down the two edges.
  • Beautifully-decorated Dreidels that are a pleasure to play with and a delight to display throughout the year.

Apart from these pieces, Ester offers many more items of Jewelry and Judaica Gifts and is certainly one to keep an eye on- anyone looking for tasteful, unique designs need look no further…

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