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Judaica- What is it?

Judaica is a category that includes articles, clothing, literature and icons that are related to the Jewish religion. The Jewish religion is a religion that has been around for several millennia, is the first recorded monotheistic faith, is based on the Torah- the five books of Moses and believes in living very much in this world while trying to bring G-d-liness into every aspect of life and with eyes focused on the eternal world to come. Continue reading

The Meaning of Popular Jewish Symbols

The Jewish religion is full of symbols and religious items that hold within them deeply meaningful messages, values and ideas. Some of the symbols are centuries old whereas others have become popular only in recent decades. Each and every one of them represent part of the Jewish journey; part of the incredible history of this tiny people that have always been small in number yet have always been highly influential as far as world history is concerned. We’ll present a number of these Jewish symbols and their meanings in an attempt to give the reader a glimpse of the richness of the Jewish tradition. Continue reading

The Blessing of the New Home in Judaism

Pirkei Avot, commonly known by its English name Ethics of the Fathers, is a collection of ethical teachings and maxims of Rabbis from the Mishnaic period. Pirkei Avot appears in the tractate of Avot in the Talmud and is unique in the way that it is the only tractate in the Talmud that deals solely with ethical and moral issues and not legal ones. Continue reading

Your One-Stop Jewish Wedding Gift Guide

There is nothing quite so interesting as attending a Jewish wedding when you have never attended one before. The event is filled with fascinating traditions, customs and behaviors that seem so normal to the participants yet so curious to those unfamiliar with the culture. There is something about Jewish weddings that make them truly touching- even Jewish people who attend hundreds of weddings in their lifetime are touched by the celebration of the commitment of two people to each other in this throw-away culture that we live in. Continue reading

Shabbat Candles FAQ

Q: How do Shabbat Candles bring peace into a Jewish home?

A: According to the Talmud, due to the fact that a poorly-lit room can lead to people tripping up and bickering as a result, Shabbat Candles bring light and as a result tranquility in to the Jewish home. The warm glow of the candles also brings a festive atmosphere in to the house. Continue reading

All About the Day Before Rosh Hashanah

Rosh Hashana ShofarRosh Hashanah is the Jewish New Year and lasts for two days, falling at the beginning of the Jewish month of Tishrei. The festival is already in the conscience of Jewish people from the preceding month of Elul which is a time of preparation for the upcoming solemn days of Rosh Hashanah. The day before Rosh Hashanah often goes unnoticed but it has its own interesting prayers and customs and it is a shame to not pay attention to it Continue reading