Hamsa Necklace: for Style and Protection

When purchasing lucky charm jewelry, it is important that you know the meaning attached to the specific sign because of the significance and the positive impact on the well-being of the wearer, a matter which not have been otherwise.

Owning and wearing a Hamsa necklace is a common and trendy wear among men and women. This type of necklace is exquisitely designed and is available in any of these metals: opal, gold and silver.  However, there is more to it than its beauty; it is popular among different cultures and its meaning is also significant.

What is the Hamsa hand?
Hamsa is a lucky charm which is shaped like the palm or the hand and is common in Jewish jewelry and accessories.  The Hamsa is represented by an open hand with a curved thumb on either side of the three extended fingers in the middle. It is used to denote blessings, fortification, strength and power, including protection against the evil eye.

In many communities across the world people believe the stare of the evil eye can result in bad luck or injury on whoever it is focused in such cases where persons are exhibiting signs of jealousy or any other dislikes, even though these negative emotions may not be intentional.

The Hamsa hand is also known as the Hand of Fatima, the Hand of Miriam and the Hand of Mary and has been popular throughout history and within different cultures. “Hamsa” is Arabic, which means “five” as is indicated by the five fingers of the hand. Many researchers are of the view that the Hamsa pre-existed Islam and Judaism, although there is no certainty of its true origin.

Throughout the years Jewish jewelry has been affected by local style and fashion, but it has been able to maintain its unique features. A hamsa necklace is the ideal gift for individuals who loves style as well as an confident outlook. You can find the right piece to match your tastes because it is available in any of the following style: casual, elegant and sophisticated.

When worn as a pendant, the Hamsa motif uniquely represents mysticism and the world of fashion. Hamsa necklaces are in demand worldwide because it is believed that they can be used to unify people of similar faith and offer protection to the wearer.

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