Recommended Jewish Gifts for Weddings

Pomegranate Shabbat CandlesticksMazal Tov!!! Your Jewish friend or family member is tying the knot! Hold on, you’re not so familiar with Jewish customs regarding gift giving for weddings? You don’t know what’s deemed appropriate and don’t want to make an embarrassing social blunder? No worries- here’s our guide to Jewish Gifts for Weddings…
Accessories, Accessories, Accessories…

There are countless accessories in the Jewish household. Shabbat and festivals all have their own items and a tasteful item that the young couple can make use of will be greatly appreciated. A Challah Cover for the weekly Shabbat meal and special festive days is a lovely idea; each time they cover and uncover their festive loaves you will merit to be part of their meal. A Seder Plate is an example of a more specific accessory as it is used but once a year on the festival of Passover. For someone wishing to invest a bit more in the couple such a gift can be perfect- it will cost you more than a smaller accessory but will add much joy to the couple’s festival and will be greatly appreciated.

Spread the Light

It is best to check that the couple are not receiving candlesticks before going out to buy them. The Shabbat candlesticks are often bought by older female family members but if you think that the couple does not have who to buy for them then make sure and treat them to a gorgeous pair of candlesticks that will be used every single week on Friday evening to draw in the Shabbat day and will hopefully be joined by many more candles as the family grows…

Alternatively, a Hanukkah Menorah is another way to bring more light to the couple’s home. Once again, do check that you’re not treading on any toes by buying them such an elaborate and often family-bought gift. There is a stunning variety of Menorahs available on the market in a range of materials so such a purchase can be quite simple or very extravagant, depending on your relationship with the couple.

May this home be a place of happiness and health…

Another lovely idea for a Wedding Gift is a Blessing for the Home which can be hung on the couple’s wall at the entrance to their home. This is a less extravagant yet moving gift, showering the couple with blessings as they start to build their new life together.
Alternatively, there are also infinite amounts of beautiful artwork, both with Jewish and neutral themes that can be bought for the young couple, adding much brightness to their new abode.

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