Six Steps for Frugal Home Decor

You’ve finally moved into your new place and you realize, looking around, that some serious decorating is needed. There’s no need to break the bank while doing-up your new abode and we’re going to share with you ten tips that will help you add some flair without costing a pretty penny…

1. Second-Hand Furniture is your new best friend

For many, furniture is something to be purchased bit by bit and not necessarily on entering a new place. In the meantime, second-hand furniture stores are a good bet- you can buy good pieces of second-hand furniture that just need a bit of a spruce-up, throw a piece of fabric over it until you have the money and time to deal with it and there you have it.

Make sure when buying second-hand furniture that you purchase well-made furniture- pieces that have simply become worn due to years of use and not cheaply-made bad-quality pieces. The well-made stuff can be brought back to life with a reupholstering job but badly-made stuff, such as pieces that you can feel the timber through the fabric, should be steered clear of.

2. Dramatic Drapes and Charming Curtains

A good use of curtains can turn windows into light-scapes that illuminate the room. Sheer and semi-transparent drapes will capture and bounce natural light creating lovely effects. In addition to adding privacy to your home, the curtains and drapes can be updated when there is more money available by adding details such as tails, frills, etc.

Sheers of silk, organdy and cotton can add shine while textured sheers will add some detail to an otherwise bare room. A window dressed in sheers will also infuse the room with a sense of liveliness when the blowing wind creates a billowing effect.

3. Express Yourself via your Walls

There is no need to dish out money on expensive wall décor when you can create your own with a little imagination. Enlarged photos and inexpensive frames can create a charming collection of family photos. Architectural pieces from yard sales and thrift stores can be cleverly re-purposed in order to decorate bare walls.

It is well worth searching the internet for DIY wall art and you will find an astonishing collection of cheap, attractive and you-would-never-believe-it-wasn’t-bought wall art.

 4. Shelf it and Cut the Clutter!

There is seriously no point in decorating your house beautifully if you live in a pigsty. Shelves are cheap and reduce chaos- invest in some simple shelving and bring instant calm into the house environment.

In the case of those who love to collect dust-collectors slash figurines it is worthwhile buying glass-fronted cabinets- that way they are displayed nicely, cuts down on the dusting and keeps them out of harm’s way.

 5. Gain a room

A big room can be divided into small spaces with the use of the under-utilized screens. Lightweight dividers such as slatted and meshed screens will keep the airiness of the room intact while making sure not to entirely obscure the other side of the room.

Once again, the screens can be customized by painting or stenciling them, adding a flair of creativity and infusing your furniture with your personality.

6. Embrace Color!

Be daring and use colors that will brighten up your rooms- plainer furniture in a boldly-painted room will look just fine and the strong color will easily take center-stage.  Whip that color wheel out and figure out which coordinating hues and tints you want in your abode.

Additionally, paint can be used cleverly in order to fool the eye. Low-ceilinged rooms can be made to feel less claustrophobic by playing with visual illusions. Vertical stripes automatically draws the eyes up and fool the viewer into seeing a higher ceiling than there really is. Bold stripes should be used with caution and only by those who are quite sure of their color sense so as not to end up feeling like one is living in a circus tent.

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