Tips for Buying Jewish Jewelry

Buying jewelry is never an easy task because many factors go into the decision. When purchasing Jewish jewelry, the challenge is a little simpler because some pieces have traditions that limit the choices. Despite the traditions, jewelry selection can be a hard choice. A few simple tips make it easier to decide on the best item.Consider Traditions

Star of David Pendant
Jewish jewelry might or might not follow old traditions, depending on the particular piece and the purpose of the jewelry. Selections like a wedding ring will always have strict traditions while a simple necklace to showcase faith can have artistic variation.

Professionals in a Judaica store can provide a little insight into traditional jewelry if the goal is following particular traditions. Taking time to ask questions about traditional jewelry will help determine if it is appropriate.

Look at Symbolism

Israeli jewelry often has symbolism that relates to religious ideas or particular stories that are passed down according to Jewish traditions. If the goal of purchasing the jewelry is about a statement or symbol, then understanding the symbolism of the piece is a vital part of ensuring the jewelry is appropriate.

Symbolism ranges from the meeting of Heaven and Earth with the Star of David to the elimination of the evil eye with a traditional Hamsa necklace. The symbolism impacts the meaning of the jewelry and can determine which is better for the end goal of the necklace, bracelet, ring or earring set.

Look for Meaning

Kabbalah Jewelry
Kabbalah jewelry often has more than basic symbolism in designs. It has meaning in the use of metals, stones and the formation of the piece. While this does not apply to every piece of jewelry, it can apply to many items.

As a general rule, most Jewish jewelry that follows ancient customs and traditions are related to positive meanings or purposes. From symbols of protection to the sanctity of marriage symbolized by the use of pure gold or silver in wedding rings, the meaning of jewelry is a key part of the piece.

Look at Budget

Jewish jewelry that is not commercial is usually formed and shaped by professional artisans who study the symbolism, traditions and meanings of different materials. As a result, budgeting for the jewelry is an important part of the selection process. In most cases, the artisans will consider the individual who wants the jewelry and then will form it based on the spending budget, the preferred meaning and the traditions that are going into the piece.

Jewish jewelry is full of meaning, symbolism, spirituality and different metal options. Learning the meaning and symbolism is an important part of selecting the best jewelry for the purpose. The last part is actually buying the jewelry piece.

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