What Are The Best Known Hebrew Symbols?

Although the Jews have been scattered all over the world, they have been able to preserve their Hebrew symbols. Distance has not been able to create a barrier as these Hebrew symbols are used to bind the Jewish people together no matter where they are. The history and faith of the Jewish are linked to the symbols they use to identify and unify them as a people.

Here are several significant Hebrew symbols which are recognized by every Jew all over the world.

The Symbol of Chai
The symbol of Chai is Hebrew and is of major significance among the Jews. The Chai consists of a combination of two letters from the Hebrew alphabet and these two letters when decoded means living. The numbers of Chai is equivalent to 18; a number of highly spiritual connotation among the Jewish people. The persons who wear this symbol will enjoy the protection that it offers.

The Book of Psalms
The Book of Psalms is an anthology of poems and songs written by David. The Jews believe that the Book of Psalms contains the most sacred words in Judaism.  Many people wear this book in the form of a lucky charm necklace because it is believed that the wearer will be blessed and protected.

The Ten Commandments
The Ten Commandments, also known as the Decalogue is a prominent Hebrew symbol which is used as the guide for moral and ethical behavior among the Jews. This symbol although found in other religions were given to the Jews by God as a guide to help them to live virtuously. God gave the Ten Commandments to His messenger, Moses, and instructed him to give them to the Jews.  This information can be proven from the book of Exodus.

The 72 Names of God
The Kabbalah contains seventy-two different names of God which are written using three letters sequence. There are no vowels in the Hebrew alphabet and this makes it difficult for anyone to pronounce each name. However, it is the belief that the wearer of jewelry bearing these names are able to draw strength and power from them. Each of the names is taken from the book of Numbers and is then decoded by well-known Kabbalah researchers.

It is evident that these Hebrew symbols play a significant part in the life of the Jewish people because they have been able to bear the test of time and can still be found in the homes of many Jews and they are also being worn by Jews as well. These symbols are incorporated in a wide range of Hebrew jewelry worn by Jewish men and women all across the globe.

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