What Says Thank-You for a Shabbat Invite in the Best Way?

You’ve been invited out for a meal or two or even an entire Shabbat, Friday is drawing nearer and you suddenly realize that you have nothing to bring your hosts- what to do?! We recommend stocking up on a bunch of beautiful Judaica gifts which you can then whip Shabbat Candlesticksout at your convenience. That way you’ll never have that last minute rush before Shabbat which usually ends in buying something over-priced, totally useless that screams last-minute.com. No, a bunch of withered flowers, calorific-laden desserts and boring bottles of wine don’t exactly broadcast originality.Need some ideas? No problem…

  • Well, before you buy Judaica gifts it is best to know who you’re shopping for. A family with many years of marriage behind them often won’t require or appreciate the same gifts that a newly-married couple will.
  • In the case of a newly-married couple, you may simply just want to ask them if they’re missing anything in the Judaica department and then happily fill that gap. There is nothing quite like buying a gift that you know will be used well. You could suggest items that perhaps they don’t have yet would happily make use of. Ideas include a Havdalah Set which includes a candle-holder, spice box and Kiddush Cup; a Shabbat Candles Blessing to place by the Shabbat Candles and to be recited by the woman of the house; an even simpler gift of a set of trivets for serving delicious Shabbat dishes.
  • In the case of a couple who have been married for a while, the same trick could work- ask them if they need something replacing in the Judaica department. Depending on how close your relationship is with them and how much you want to invest on a gift, ideas could vary from a Challah Cover to replace their old one, a special dish, a new Netilat Yadayim Wash Cup or even a special trivet for Shabbat.
  • Obviously a gift for Shabbat does not have to be solely something related to Shabbat- a cheerful accessory for the home can be well received such as a bowl, wall decoration or table accessories. Once again, it is best to know what kind of items your hosts like before buying anything too personal. In the case of meals at families you barely know it is probably best to stick with something more neutral and not too large to avoid embarrassment.

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