Wise Buying Judaica Online

Judaica- What is it?

Judaica is a category that includes articles, clothing, literature and icons that are related to the Jewish religion. The Jewish religion is a religion that has been around for several millennia, is the first recorded monotheistic faith, is based on the Torah- the five books of Moses and believes in living very much in this world while trying to bring G-d-liness into every aspect of life and with eyes focused on the eternal world to come.

As with many religions, there are writings, special clothing and objects used at different times in a Jewish person’s life and these are all called Judaica. Jewish people will often buy these products but there are also many non-Jewish people looking for a unique item or wanting to buy a gift for a Jewish friend who will also purchase such goods.

Why buy Judaica online?

Although there are Judaica stores in many larger Jewish communities, once upon a time for Jews living in more out-of-the-way places buying Judaica would mean a trip to a different town. Nowadays, the magical internet ensures that people all over the world can order Judaica from the comfort of their chair at home.

Rainbow Havdalah Set If I buy Judaica online, how do I know that it will be high-quality?

The above question is extremely common among hesitant buyers who are not used to buying online or are but have never purchased an expensive Judaica piece online. Indeed, this is a legitimate worry for any online buyers- you don’t want to order an object only to find out when it arrives that it is nowhere near what you thought it would be. There are several ways to ensure that the Judaica you buy online is high-quality…

Firstly, make sure that you use a well-known, large website.You can ask people you know or even your Rabbi for recommendations of trusty sites. In addition, if you don’t have who to ask, it is common knowledge that a large company will use their own domain name, accept a wide range of credit cards and their site will simply look professional.

It is advisable to purchase Judaica goods from Israel. Apart from the fact that by doing so you are boosting their industry, Israeli-made Judaica are usually much more reliable when it comes to matters of Kashrut. If it matters to you that your Judaica is acceptable religiously and doesn’t just look good then make sure to buy from products that are labeled as “Made in Israel”. There are many, many Judaica products made in China today and you do not want to spend a good deal of money on an object only to find out that it is a fake…

Never, ever buy from a site that doesn’t have a returns and refunds policy. If you are not satisfied with your product you need to know that you can send it back- it has got to be very annoying to invest in a product, discover when it arrives that it looks nothing like it looked on the website and then have nowhere to send it back to!

Cheaper is not always better. As mentioned before, a great deal of Judaica is made in China today and although this usually means cheaper prices it also often means cheaper quality. Always make sure to check where the product was made, whether I is kosher and if needed, if it has Rabbinic approval.

Always make sure to find out what the product is made out of. A company that doesn’t mention what the product is made from is worth steering far away from. As far as Judaica is concerned, sterling silver is often the best and most expensive, followed by silver plated pewter which is less expensive and much more common and porcelain.

Enjoy buying Judaica online but do it wisely!

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