Your One-Stop Jewish Wedding Gift Guide

There is nothing quite so interesting as attending a Jewish wedding when you have never attended one before. The event is filled with fascinating traditions, customs and behaviors that seem so normal to the participants yet so curious to those unfamiliar with the culture. There is something about Jewish weddings that make them truly touching- even Jewish people who attend hundreds of weddings in their lifetime are touched by the celebration of the commitment of two people to each other in this throw-away culture that we live in.The Jewish people seem to defy nature by marching on; a minute percentage of the world population; victims of centuries of persecution; this generation finally experiencing the beginning of the return to the homeland that they were exiled from for over two-thousand years. And when a young man and woman stand under the wedding canopy together they create another chain to the millennia-long link that connects them to their ancient forefathers, as they look forward and commit to building a new Jewish house together.

We’d like to suggest some gifts that are suitable for a Jewish wedding- each culture has its own norms and to be honest each Jewish community also does. Whereas in some parts of the world it is considered acceptable to give a gift of one’s choice, in others a gift from the registry is considered appropriate whereas in others still, a sum of money is the most appreciated gift. In any case, there are a number of Jewish Wedding Gifts that are appreciated world- over and we’ll tell you about them along with a short explanation where necessary.


A popular choice is always a gift that is Judaism-orientated. For a couple that are going to be setting up a Jewish home, a Judaica item will always be appreciated. Here are some ideas;

  • Shabbat Candlesticks

The woman of the house ushers in the Sabbath day by lighting two candles.
Do check before making such a purchase that the couple’s family has not bought candles already. If you know that no-one has done so and there are none being passed down as a family heirloom and you can splash out a bit, a pair of Shabbat candlesticks is a beautiful present that will be appreciated every week when they are lit.

  • Mezuzah

Jewish people have oblong boxes, containing inscribed parchment hanging on their doorposts called Mezuzahs.  A Mezuzah can be a relatively cheap or expensive gift, depending on how much you want to invest. There are gorgeous Mezuzahs that don’t cost an awful lot so for guests on a budget it’s a great gift too. It’s nice to think that your gift will be seen every day on one of their doorposts, helping them to fulfill a Biblical commandment and adding beauty to the house at the same time…


There are infinite numbers of Jewish and Israeli artists on the scene
nowadays and a meaningful piece of art that your friends can hang in their new home is a lovely way to brighten up their abode and add some color to their life! Obviously, one is not limited to only Jewish and Israeli art but there is something nice about supporting a Jewish or Israeli brother while buying a wedding gift.  A popular piece of art for a newly-married couple is the Blessing for the Home which contains blessings for the couple and the house they are to build together.

Something Different…

There are also plenty of quirkier or more original gifts that you can invest in such as book-ends for bookworm couples; artistic wine-holders for wine-lovers; wall-hangings for a special piece of art; a gorgeous clock; a Lazy Susan or Napkin Rings for those who love to host, etc.

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